Our company produces different kind of unwinders. We can provide different machineries made on customer’s request. In case of nonwoven materials to be processed, we can realize either traditional or different solutions to insert nylon net to reinforce the nonwoven material. These kind of unwinders, depending on the needs and the space available, could be realized with one ot two stations to exchange from one to the other one without stopping the work-line. Modifications to machineries can be applied based on the type of material and the weight of the rolls to be processed and the height of board. Our unwinders can be provided with mechanich (or oil-dynamic) roll load and unload device which can be managed from control panel or manual. Unwinding can be, based on customer’s needs, braked by either a electropneumatic brake or by a AC gearmotor. Unwinders can be provided with load shuttle to electronicaly regulate the drag on the material. An expandable shaft, mounted on safety chucks during work -phase, will unwind the roll. Supports can be supplied, both for work easiness and higher machinerie automation, with open/close pneumatic device controlled form control panel. Machineries will be provided with current-laws compliance documentation and accident prevention devices.