Dancer rolls

Our company produces different kind of dancer rolls. We can provide different machineries made on customer’s request. Modifications can be applied based on the type of material to be processed, the height of board and the frame construction material. Dancer rolls are built with a metal load bearing structure where metal-cylinders (which could be chromed and grounded chromed steel or alluminum ) are placed. Dancer rolls machinery can be provided, based on Customer’s needs, with two or more stationary cylinders and with one or more mobile cylinders. Electropneumatic transducer to regulate the pressure and position transductor (which controls, based on the mobile cylinder position, the speed of the line) can be easily installed by us. Modifications can be applied inserting (on the same line) other devices based on Customer’s needs/requests (e.g. dragging or cutting devices and any other device the Customer needs). In case the machinery has to processed material which is not completly thermoformed, cylinders can be realized with an antiadherent coat.